Jack McLaughlin is a Chicago resident originally from northwestern Connecticut. Jack enjoys working in abstract with mixed media and has many paintings with sculptural elements.
Navigation and geographic exploration are figured prominently in Jack’s multi-media works. He finds much of his inspiration cycling through the streets of Chicago as well as through occasional travels. Jack picks up maps and street signs on his wanderings that he then incorporates along with other found and upcycled objects into his paintings and sculptures. Jack is most fascinated with the “you are here” location dot. His series of the same name, featuring images of extinct species and logarithmic tables, begs viewers to ponder their place in time and space.
In his more recent paintings, Jack explores the tension between orientation and disorientation. His symmetrical compositions feature intersecting circles and paths that advance and recede from the canvas in an almost dizzying fashion, showing that there are consequences to our physical and psychological footprints.
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